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North Hunan enterprise, founded on January 1, 1999, after nearly 12 years of hard work, has set up "North Hunan, Jiangxi travel service Ltd", "Jiangxi good luck travel service", "Jiangxi new era North of Hunan logistics", "Hani source advertising, exhibition co in Jiangxi," "hongcheng Nanchang train tickets to the ticket office". Form relying on aviation, railways, tourism; streaming, advertising, exhibition, supplemented by a wide range of hongseong enterprises.

Jiangxi Nanchang, North Hunan tourism services limited provides airfare, Nanchang, Nanchang discount tickets, international airfare special fares, Nanchang, Nanchang, Nanchang air tickets ticket query the query grid, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Nanchang air tickets booking, tickets and other services company with major airlines to establish a harmonious relationship of sales agents, with solid strength. We can provide you with a 24-hour telephone booking, online booking, online payments and credit; and free ticket, ticket at the airport and other features!

hongcheng Nanchang train tickets to the ticket office for the general membership to provide customers from Nanchang to train tickets all over the country, hongseong customers and provide free home delivery service!

Jiangxi good luck travel service provide services such as individual, group, private; so that customers can enjoy special treatment!

Jiangxi new era North of Hunan logistics Ltd to provide customers with services such as air cargo, safe and convenient, 24-hour direct!

the company now employs more than 80 people, and has its own Office, Hong Cheng who will be the new look, quality service for our customer service!

our goal is to become a first-class enterprise, first-class service, achievement of their brand.

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